Capital Smart City

Pakistan’s first ever smart city and a groundbreaking concept that has been brought to the world’s 2nd most beautiful capital, Islamabad. With being in the proximity of the twin-cities, all eyes of investors are on this project.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is Pakistan’s first smart city, located in the Rawalpindi District, among the lush green suburbs of Islamabad. This game-changing housing society will be built on a land area of 60,000+ Kanals, according to the location and map of Islamabad Capital Smart City by authorities. Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of the few societies in the area to hold RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority)’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). This project has also been granted approval by the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the FWO to build a diligent interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. However apart from that, its location is centrally situated to provide uninterrupted access to the major roads pf the twin cities; Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Master Plan

What is a Smart City?

A smart city is inspired by the idea of a society with efficient systems, an environment-friendly society, perfection and the use of latest technology. The ambition of Smart Cities is to green the atmosphere of cities while also having an effect on society. This makes city life simpler and more enjoyable, which is an ideal environment for investors who wish to live a life by international standards. People benefit from ideal urban infrastructure as it allows them to do their jobs more easily, feel the natural world across them, and also have the chance to relax their minds. When residents’ standard of living improves and their thoughts become much more laid back, they naturally self-organize by being more awoke.

CSCI Total Area:

Capital Smart society first covers a total land of 55,000 Kanal, it is 10 times bigger than its neighboring society University Town. It will be one of the closest housing society to the New Islamabad International Airport. The master plan given by society at this moment is provisional and will be extended over time. Additional land will be added to the project and several other blocks will be added to the project in the future.

In August 2019, authorities had submitted the request of extension of land. After the approval of extension now in June 2020, land of Capital Smart City is equal to 80,000 Kanal. It will be the biggest housing society in its nearby area.

Access Points:

It can be easily accessed through Main Chakri Road from M-2 Motorway and via Ring Road in the near future. The housing society is also directly accessible to the surrounding areas via the National Highway, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). It will also have its own designated interchange from the motorway which has been approved by FWO.

NOC and Planning Permission:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Capital Smart City Islamabad was approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and is one of the legal housing projects in that area. However, the first NOC granted to society is currently under revision due to the additional land acquired so the housing society is awaiting its NOC for the revised plan for the extended blocks in the society. It is expected to be granted soon.


Salient Features of Capital Smart City:

This housing society offers its occupants a unique and modern living experience to enjoy ahead of its time facilities. By incorporating advanced technology and introducing smart features this housing society will become the very first Smart City in Pakistan. We are listing below some of the salient features of this society:

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Metro bus system
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Recreational Activities
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Moven Pick hotels & Resorts
  • Designated interchange from M-2
  • Close proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Capital Smart City Islamabad

In the midst of scenic views, Capital Smart City Islamabad is a sight for nature lovers. Experience luxury, comfort and security, all within one society for a lifetime.

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Facilities in Capital Smart City:

The Capital Smart City is striving to promote and develop strategic growth in the area along with attracting future investments. The concept for Smart City is to achieve a smart radial growth pattern keeping in consideration the major facilities and services incorporated to maximize efficiency in the lives of its residents.

The major key factors introduced in the housing society are listed as follows along with their features stated by the Capital Smart City:


The CSI offers smart residential opportunities to the residents as it provides them with all the modern and up-to-date facilities.


The environment of the Capital Smart City is up-to-date. It offers a very modern and luxurious lifestyle to the residents.

Capital Smart City Islamabad fulfills all the requirements of an enthralling smart city including the following:


The housing society will facilitate its residents by becoming the first commercial center in the region and attracting international businesses and investors to invest in the sensational housing project. Capital Smart City will also create a variety of commercial and service sector job opportunities hence contributing to the economic condition of Pakistan.


The society is designed in a way that creates a resilient social environment in the region so the people can enjoy an alluring and peaceful living and the society can become a hub for commercial, residential and recreational opportunities.


Capital Smart City is striving to achieve a sustainable transportation system to ensure a network for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other mobility need. The society will introduce a state of the art transport infrastructure with higher efficiency.

Capital Smart City Blocks:

The blocks of Capital Smart City is as follows:

Overseas Block:

The capital smart city announced its overseas block in the society at London Dorchester on 20th February 2018. It is the first society to have introduced a specially designed overseas block in any housing society for the first time in Pakistan, exclusively reserved for overseas Pakistani residing abroad.

With this initiative, Capital Smart City has aimed to offer a secure and valuable investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan. Due to the supreme location & facilities, Overseas Block has immediately become the heart of Capital Smart City.

Very soon this block will become the desired future destination of Pakistanis living abroad. To book a residential or commercial plot in the Overseas block of Capital Smart City one has to attach a copy of their or Overseas National Identity card along with all the other relevant documents.

Location of Overseas Block:

Overseas Block of Capital Smart City is located in the upper area to the right side of the main boulevard of the society, next to Motorway M-2. The overseas Block will be accessible directly via the proposed designated Interchange from the Motorway.


Why Invest in Capital Smart City Overseas Block:

The overseas block holds a high significance in the Capital Smart City housing project. It depicts acknowledgment and appreciation for all the hard work and effort Pakistani citizens living abroad have provided for our country. Capital Smart City is providing a safe and profitable opportunity for overseas Pakistani citizens to invest in their homeland.

To make the process easiest as possible online booking has been made available for the people who wish to invest in this project from where ever country they are currently living in. Plot Size Total Price
1 5 Marla 2,415,000/-
2 7 Marla 3,151,000/-
3 10 Marla 4,140,000/-
4 12 Marla 4,577,000/-
5 1 Kanal 6,210,000/-
6 2 Kanal 12,190,000/-

Executive Block:

Capital Smart city launched “Executive Block” in the society on the 2nd of May 2019 at the launch ceremony of the society. The company also gave a short briefing about the salient features of this new block and presented an opportunity for the clients of the general block to shift their plots into the executive block for a limited time.

The officials offered the conversion of these plots for only a short while, 24th May 2019 was the last date of submission of the application after which 30% additional amount is to be paid the society for conversion or booking a new plot in this block. The price of plots in Executive block is 30% higher than the General Block and for people who wish to convert their plot after the deadline, they will now have to pay an additional price as well as a fixed fee.

General Block:

Initially, the society started its booking with the general block of the society which further got expanded into different blocks. The society compromises of different sizes of residential and commercial plots in the society ranging from 5 Marla to 1 & 2 Kanal plots in different blocks.

Location of General Block in Capital Smart City:

The location of the general block of the capital smart city lies after the Overseas Block of the society which is located at the right of Main Boulevard of Capital Smart City. You can check the following master plan to get a rough idea of where the general blog is situated.

Overseas Prime Block


The Overseas Prime Block is a separate part of the society devised for non-resident executive Pakistanis. The Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad is a distinctive and exclusive society within the society’s proximity. This Prime Block is situated at the highest altitude of Islamabad’s Capital Smart City. The Overseas Prime Block has the distinct advantage of being the highest elevation in the region due to its altitude. The Overseas Prime Block, according to the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad, will be one of the finest luxury societies, planned to be luxurious and utterly affluent. SubranaJurong, a Singaporean urban development and landscaping firm, designed and built this block of the Capital Smart City Islamabad. The society is being built at Capital Smart City’s top portion, which provides an irresistible panoramic view of the housing society. The following are some of the main characteristics of the Overseas Prime Block:

Capital Smart City Location & Map


Situated on a scale of a whopping 60,000+ Kanals, the society enjoys a premium location, lying alongside Thallian Interchange on the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway M2. CSC also lies in the vicinity of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road and the anticipated China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC route. The society advantageously lies between Chakri Road and Rawalpindi. The housing society includes the Sill River and the Chauhan Dam. It’s among the town’s only residential areas with direct connections to freshwater resources.

Latest Development in Capital Smart City:

The development in Smart City Islamabad is undergoing rather speedily. The society has signed a number of agreements between the world-leading companies to bring futuristic technology and high-end features in the society.

Services of Harradine golf have been acquired to build an international standard 18- Hole Golf Course and Movenpick will construct their Upcoming Hotel and resorts in the society to offer the paramount hospitality serves in the society. MOU with National Defense University has also been signed for the construction of the latest campus of the university in this exquisite housing project.

The development work has surpassed its initial stages at Capital Smart City, the progress has rather sped up in the last couple of months after the official launch of the project. The leveling and plotting of the land are near to completion with the help of modern and high tech machinery.

To overcome the current need for water in society 4 tube wells are operational on the site and more than 200 heavy pieces of machinery are being used in the society for initial work.

The Capital Smart City Islamabad is going through fast-paced development progress. The management is taking every step to make sure that there should not be any kind of compromise on the quality of work that is being carried out day and night. Following are the new notable developments:
• Main Boulevard and Main Roads Access
• Overseas Block 1 & 2
• Progress on Villas
• Capital Hills and Overseas Prime
• Other Buildings and Structures

The officials have decided to start development work in the overseas block first as it is located in phase 1 of the society and is given priority.  The work on the rest of the blocks is likely to be started soon. The Major development status of society is discussed below

Carpeted Network of Roads:

To make the transportation and traveling in the society easier the construction work of the concrete carpeted roads has been made a priority and construction work of 300 feet long main Boulevard is near to completion.

Progress in Site-02 & 03 in Overseas Block Area 1 & 2:

According to the latest development work in the society, the progress work in sites 1 & 2 in the society has begun, after the completion of leveling and plotting of the area the society is focused on working on the infrastructure.

The earthwork along with construction work of sector mosque, the framework for shaft, curbstone and saucer drain is in progress in the block C of overseas Block 

Capital Smart City Installment & Payment Plan


There is availability of Plots for Sale in Islamabad Capital Smart City at cost-effective prices with straightforward payment plans. 7 Star Mag (PVT) Ltd is now accepting plot bookings in all blocks of the project. The collective amount can be paid in convenient 14 quarterly instalments, while there’s nothing to worry about as 7 Star Mag’s experienced team will guide you throughout the process.

Capital Smart City Master Plan


The CSC is composed of three main blocks that are developed on cutting-edge architecture. The blocks are as follows:

Capital Smart City Executive Block

The Executive Block of the Capital Smart City is intended for Pakistan’s general public, the locals. The Islamabad Capital Smart City Executive Block instalment and payment plan begins with a 10% down payment, with the remainder paid in equal quarterly instalments. The quarterly instalments are a total of 14.

The following are the plot sizes in Executive Block of Capital Smart City

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

The Islamabad Capital Smart City Overseas Block is being specifically designed for Non-Resident Pakistanis. As per the development company, the overseas block of Capital Smart City will be established as a completely seperate housing complex with all infrastructural facilities. Booking for Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block begins at 10% as well.

The overseas block shall consist of residential properties with the following parameters:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Ballot Details:

After the selection of plots is over, remaining eligible files will be included in the first ballot. The computerized ballot to allot numbers to residential and commercial plots will be held in,3rd week of December 2019.

After the selection process, the remaining plot files will be included in the first ballot which will not be held in the 3rd week of December 2019. A computerized ballot will be used for the allotment of residential and commercial plots in the overseas and executive plots in the project.

We are attaching the copy of the Ballot Notice issued by the officials of society:

Residential Plots in the Overseas Prime Block

Islamabad Capital Smart City’s Overseas Prime Block has limited number of plots left, but all are exclusive. The size of plots in the Overseas Prime Block, like the rest of Capital Smart City Islamabad’s blocks, are about 7 Marla up to 2 Kanal. Because the society will be deluxe and innovative, the prices of this block are slightly higher than the prices of the other smart city blocks.

7 STAR MAG is a platinum dealer and an exclusive partner of Capital Smart City. The plots are available exclusively at 7 STAR MAG at competitive prices. Overseas Prime Block bookings are available at 7 STAR MAG for as little as a 10% down payment. The remainder of the payment will be divided into equal monthly/quarterly instalments over a 3.5-year period.

Commercial Plots in Overseas Prime Block

7 STAR MAG is the sole provider of limited commercial plots in the overseas prime block. Overseas Prime Block’s commercial plot sizes range from 4 Marla to 8 Marla.

7 STAR MAG has a very limited inventory of 4 marla commercial plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Commercial investments in Overseas Prime Block have always proven to be profitable for our clients, according to the real estate experts at 7 STAR MAG. Previous commercial plot bookings in Capital Smart City’s executive and overseas blocks have already resulted in a profit for initial investors. It is on a first come, first serve basis.

Free Consultation

When it comes to lavish lifestyle in Pakistan, Capital Smart City Islamabad, which has been approved by RDA, is a forthcoming revolutionary project. It will be the first smart city ever to be built in Pakistan’s magnificent metropolitan city, Islamabad. This project, located near the New Islamabad International Airport includes Grade 8 developments and is one of Pakistan’s most renowned housing schemes. It is intended to meet the residents’ view of their fruitful investment.

To meet the need of its residents, the society has a myriad of unique features, and it is designed to provide the ideal foundation for investors to raise their families in Islamabad’s most peaceful and environmentally-friendly atmosphere. Pakistan’s first smart city, the CSC is committed to make your life easier by combining technology and lifestyle. CSC Islamabad has a surplus of investment opportunities. This one-of-a-kind combination of nature and technology offers a stimulating glimpse into the future.

7 STAR MAG (PVT) Ltd is a Capital Smart City. We are an Islamabad-based real estate agency. We offer a streamlined booking process for all Capital Smart City blocks. You can fill out the form below for more information and to reserve your plot.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Booking Process


When booking through 7 STAR MAG  the CSC Islamabad booking process is simple. Our team will make it extremely convenient for you to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The booking procedure is in a few simple steps as follows:

  • You will first meet with the 7 STAR MAG Asset Manager. They will walk you through all of Capital Smart City’s features to give you a clear picture of which of your needs and requirements can be fulfilled, including its locality, rates, and instalment and payment plans, during this meeting. You will be able to place all of your queries and get all answers to all of your questions about the housing society. The manager will also aid you in choosing the best location within the society to invest in.

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Features and amenities of Capital Smart City Islamabad

Smart Housing

The housing society offers a diverse range of Smart Homes in Pakistan’s lush capital, Islamabad, with some of the most advanced Housing features available. Smart housing is one of the opportunities available to you that are meant to bring you luxury within a convenient affordability

Smart Environment

Capital Smart City Islamabad provides a smart environment, where technological innovations and up-to-date systems are used to meet all of the complex requirements of its residents. For a healthy lifestyle, a healthy and smart environment is an essential

An International Project

It is the first smart city of Pakistan with commercial and residential project in the region, attracting a large number of international and domestic investors. It is al based on international standards and will be providing its investors with state-of-the-art structures.

Luxurious Quality Living

Capital Smart City’s development authority ensures that its cherished residents have pleasant and comfortable livability, as well as the best residential care in Islamabad.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

With an advanced, and revolutionary housing infrastructure and transport system for mobility needs, Capital Smart City is designed to ensure maximum convenience to its residents.

Management Resources

The project has a landfilling system and a continuous supply of electricity and water for all of its residents. This will ensure convenience for basic routine needs and problems.

FAQs About Capital Smart City Islamabad

We are answering the most frequently asked questions about the Capital Smart City as follows



Many features contribute to making a housing project a success but the most important one is the reputation of the owner and developer. Habib Rafiq is one of the most trusted names in the Real Estate industry in Pakistan so naturally, the investors have full confidence in the project. The majority of plots in the society have already been sold out and are now resold with profit.

The development and the master plan both look extremely promising and will contribute to making Capital Smart City a very prestigious project. It will be a unique and complete package for all individuals of society. With all the upgraded features and facilities there is no doubt that Capital Smart City will be one of its kind and most successful housing schemes in the region.

With all the advantages and privileges this a society is offering there is no doubt that it is worth investing in from short to a long term investment plan for maximum return on investment.


Smart capital Smart society Islamabad has a land area of approximately 55,000 Kanal. It is roughly ten times larger than its neighboring projects. It is Pakistan’s first smart city, inspired from successfully functioning smart cities across the globe. It will be one of the housing societies closest to the new Islamabad International Airport.


In the event of a CSC-DHA merger, the plan for this project will be expanded as more blocks and areas are added to it, making it even larger in the near future. It will then span over a huge piece of land in the twin cities, be accessible to all and be one of its kind.


Capital Plaza, G11 Markaz Islamabad is the address of the CSC Islamabad office.


The CSC payment schedule is divided into two major sections. Customers have the option of making a lump-sum payment as their first option. The second option is the instalment plan, which requires a 10% down payment and quarterly payments after that. The quarterly payment option is in 14 parts.


The interchange work will begin in the first quarter of 2020.


Yes, it is! CSC is a legal society, and the RDA has approved its No Objection Certificate. The NHA has also approved its prospect of constructing an interchange.


CSC is outfitted with leading-edge technologies and is highly automated, distinguishing it from other projects that lack these features. From security to transport, everything will be monitored, controlled and administered using the latest technologies.